Could Bodybuilding be for You?

Wanna give bodybuilding a spin? One of the most prevalent workout programs I’m sure you have witness in any gym is the bodybuilding workout. For the uninitiated, it is a body part approach to training with the goal of hypertrophy or enlargement of muscle tissue. It is a preferred exercise program for most men and […]

3 Diet Concepts Made Simple

LET’S STOP THE CONFUSION? I want to take some time and address a topic that consistently comes up with my clients and the general public. And that is DIET. Some time ago I wrote a post that explained the origin of the word DIET. You can read it here: What does DIET mean??There are general […]

What’s Wrong With Your Diet?

The biggest obstacle that we allow to thwart any weight management or weight loss progress we may have is our diet. Now the word diet comes from the Greek work diaita which literally means a way of living.?It isn’t a way of eating and I think that’s where most people fail. Your diet or diaita?is […]