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Private Training

Have you struggled with your weight loss goals in the past? Maybe, you don?t know where and/or how to start. Or maybe you've just lost your motivation. Start here!

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Buddy Training

Enjoy the benefits of working with a fitness coach while sharing the cost with another.?Whether with your spouse, partner, best friend, siblings, or children, our Buddy Training has become the most popular system Bodywork offers.

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Teen Training

Teens who weight train not only gain confidence in themselves but do much better in school. Train for sport. Train for better grades. Train for a growing you. Never to young to learn how to train safely and effectively.

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Who Are We?

Bodyware Fitness System focuses on individual needs and goals. We design programs based on your commitment, goals, motivations, and budget. By maximizing your training efforts, all sessions are time efficient using the latest training methods to maximize your lifestyle. At the core of our systems are the choice for private or buddy training. At Bodyware you will always receive a personal touch and a result based solution at an affordable investment. No more constant checking on the weight scale. No drill sergeant screaming in your face. No adherence to the North American diet-mentality of ?eat this, not that?. Bodyware provides the knowledge, tools, accountability, support, and feedback necessary to add years to your life and in turn, add life to your years.

The toughest part of change is how and where to start. It can be intimidating and scary to begin a journey that will change your life for the better. We understand. We have made this part a little easier for you. First, if you are ready to begin, click on the START NOW button. If not, then click on EMAIL INFO.?

We thank you for giving us the opportunity to earn your business and look forward to becoming an integral part of your growth whether that be training at Bodyware or providing great actionable content.

5 reasons to choose Bodyware:
?Accountability ?? ?Private Training Center ?? ?Money-Back Guarantee
?Results-Driven Coaching ? ? ?Risk-Free Trial

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Our Fans

"Albert is passionate about fitness and it shows through the energy and enthusiasm he brings to every session. He makes each workout challenging, creative and most importantly, fun! He also places a high value on correct form with each exercise. Albert has motivated me to push past my limits to get results."

---Lisa Romero, Teacher

"The benefits of training at Bodyware led me to the right format when it comes to exercising on my own. The workouts are challenging but easy to do in your own home. If you set aside 30 minutes three times a week you will see a change. I would recommend Bodyware to anyone. Sometimes we just need a little push to get us onto the path of better health."

---Matt Feeley, Business

"Training at Bodyware has given me desired results in a brief amount of?time. I was skeptical about getting results in just 30 minute sessions
until I put it to the test. I was proven wrong for sure. They're not just
results, but amazing ones! My endurance and strength is at an all time
high, I have a new found energy that gets me through each day with ease,and I my appearance has changed so much so that I receive compliments everyday (and I was in good shape beforehand). There's no need to be at the gym for hours!!!"

---Damian T, College Counselor

"If a fast track to weight loss is what you are looking for then Al is the answer.I trained with Al for 3 months and toned and lost weight without feeling hungry once or tired and without breaking the bank. Al offers great rates for what it is worth and GREAT COACHING,and above all else he is as hands on and as contactable as can be. He offers an arrange of different options eventually tailoring a plan that worked for me.?Al is undoubtedly, in my mind, one of the best personal trainers in the country and i would highly recommend training with him,he helped me turn my life around and i have no doubt that he can do the same for you. Best of luck and remember, YOU ARE DOING IT FOR U!!! "

---Norrie, Caretaker

"Albert is a superior fitness trainer with a positive attitude that adds to your experience each visit."

---Sandra A, Teacher

"Thanks so much for a GREAT year! Can hardly believe how much better I feel. Could not, would not have done it without you."

---Allison L, Nurse

"Due to my injuries, I am able to lift more weights, have more stamina and feel much more positive and have clarity in my life."

---Francesca, Shaman

"What a nice place you have, Albert. You create such a comfortable atmosphere and are attentive to your clients. Such a treasure!"

---Random Pelhamites who visit

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