5 Keys to the Health & Fitness Puzzle

Image of a sign on a worn beige colored door that reads Time For Change

Image of a key on top of a puzzleOne of my biggest influences in my life has been the teachings of Jim Rohn. In his great presentation, Challenge to Succeed, Jim points out the major pieces to the life puzzle and I continually listen to it as a major source of education and inspiration. For the uninitiated, Jim Rohn, according to Wikipedia, was an?American?entrepreneur,?author?and?motivational speaker. His?rags to riches?story played a large part in his work, which influenced others in the?personal development?industry. The following 5 Keys to the Health & Fitness Puzzle is heavily influenced by Jim Rohn and I want to thank him for challenging, changing, inspiring, and educating me to become a better version of myself. I hope you enjoy it.



This is your belief system, your guiding principle for behavior. For the most part when it comes to your health, your philosophy can make or break you. As Jim Rohn states: “It isn’t the wind but the set of your sail that determines success or failure.” We all know that healthy nutrition and a regular exercise regiment will not only add years to our life but life to our years. Yes, we are constantly bombarded by the how to achieve this. The how isn’t as important as the message which is of health and vitality. Is it easy to go for a walk? To eat a some fruit and vegetables daily? To do 10 push ups? I believe so. BUT it is also easy NOT to. You see, a walk, an apple, push ups are all good for the body, mind, and spirit. I don’t have to tell you that. You know that already. There isn’t anything new under the sun. So my question to you is: Have you set your own sail? Have you consciously allowed time to do the things that will bring you health & longevity? What is your health and fitness philosophy? We all falter from time to time. But that’s okay. The important thing to remember is that once that sail is set, fight through the storms that will try to set you off-course. Be resolute.



How you view your situation, others, and more importantly, yourself is the next key. It is the emotional part. Your attitude will help shape you. And yes even in the physical sense.. In today’s world, women are forced to achieve a distorted view of the female body. Thin is always in?!! And if you do not try to attain that type of body, you are labeled as lazy, lacking ambition. The message is always destructive to your true self. That is an example of how outside influences can shape your attitude and then suffer the emotional consequences.

One of the biggest challenges we all experience is how we feel about the past. Okay so you’ve tried over and over again trying to get into better shape or losing some weight but failed. Why? Well it could be now knowing how to put a complete plan together. Or not having a support system. Maybe both but having a healthy attitude about the past, about the digressions will set you free. Learn from the past. Let it instruct you to shape your future. Read fitness books. Attend nutrition classes. Invest in a fitness professional.

How do you feel about your health future? The promise of a better you. Can you see good health? Will you reach for that salad, for that bottle of water, for that dumbbell (no, not THAT person). Look into your future for inspiration. Visualization is a form of future-casting, isn’t it? If you can see yourself taking on life’s challenges with minimal stress, if you can see yourself looking like yourself, only better. Is that a price worth paying for?



From what we know or believe to what we feel, now it’s time for the nitty-gritty: what we do. Activity is the exercise and nutrition program you follow day in and day out. This is where you forge your new you. It can only come from activity, the labor that you put in. As Jim Rohn puts: ‘Labor produces new life. No pain, No gain. The gain is the commodity, the new life, the new you.’ If you know that you should exercise at least 30 minutes a day and you don’t then no miracle can take place. Several months, several years pass by and you are in the same boat only this time your sail has major holes . You won’t have the health you want. Do what you can. One day at a time. One exercise at a time. One apple a day. If you say to yourself, I think I’ll wait until….then you will not breed new life. You will remain the same. Should you? Could you? Won’t you? Well that is part of the philosophy and attitude that brings failure. When faced with changing your present health, you should, you could, you WILL.

The other side of the do what you can coin is to do the best you can. Taking a life journey comes with many obstacles but if you can honestly say that you are giving it your best shot, then the miracle of your labor will transform that new you.



One of the things that I stress is to constantly assess where you are in your fitness plan. You have to check to make sure you haven’t been blown off course or that your actions need to be refined. Measure your results. That can come in the form of your weight, your body composition, girth measurements, increase/decrease in work capacity, blood tests, etc. Jim Rohn defines results as making measurable progress in reasonable time. Remember, weight loss is never linear. Your weight will level off. Losing body fat also has its limitations. But as the saying goes, ‘Life is a marathon. Not a sprint’ Maintaining weight is a great indication of progress. The ability to run up steps without having to gasp for air is another. Now do not ignore the daily goals. Go for a run. Eat that bowl of oatmeal. Do 20 push ups. ?I suggest to assess results are every 4-6 weeks.



Take your results and fashion your lifestyle. This is what Jim Rohn declares. This one is pretty self-explanatory. Everyone has their own way to define lifestyle and the most important part of lifestyle is happiness. Find joy in the work necessary to achieve your health & fitness goals.


I hope these 5 keys to health & fitness can help a troubled mind. It’s not hard. It’s only as hard as you make it to be.?You are the captain of your own ship. You set the sail regardless of the wind. Set those sails according to your philosophy not anyone else.